• Pea Soup / South Beach

    Bass Strait, Port Fairy VIC 3284, Australia .

    The shore is fringed by continuous basalt reefs lying 100 to 200 m offshore. In lee of the reef are two beaches, both bordered by low, basalt rocks. The first is South or Pea Soup Beach. It is a 500 m long, south facing beach. It adjoins a smaller, 200 m long beach that is backed by scarped dunes and, in places, a protective basalt seawall. The reefs completely protect the wide, low beaches at low tide. Shallow lagoons lie between the beaches and the reefs. At high tide, small waves reach the beaches and wash over continuous, shallow bars with no rips.

  • Moyne River Wharf Port Fairy

    Moyne River, Victoria, Australia .

    Numerous spots to enjoy along the Moyne River. The history of Battery Point or walking amongst the pleasure crafts on the opposite bank are highlights. At the northern end are the lovely botanical gardens or at the southern end is the amazing Griffiths Island.

  • Griffiths Island

    Griffiths Island .

    A must see place in Port Fairy, best suited for a walk around the Island. Wildlife, stones, clouds and sunshine make the views magnificent on this Island. There is a lighthouse on this island which can be accessed during visiting hours.

  • Port Fairy East Beach

    East Beach, Bay, Port Fairy VIC, Australia .

    Port Fairy’s main beach, East beach is 5.8 km long. Port Fairy’s main beach, East beach is 5.8 km long, extending in a broad, curving arc from Reef Point in the east, where it faces south, to the North Mole or harbour entrance wall in the south, where it faces east. Erosion along the southern end has resulted in the construction of a rough seawall and several wooden groynes.

  • Lake Yumbuk

    Lake Yambuk, Yambuk VIC, Australia .

    Yambuk is a relaxed rural area just a short 10 minute drive west from the historic township of Port Fairy.There have been several suggestions as to the meaning of the word Yambuk. These include red kangaroo, full moon, big water, or ell lake and it is certainly believed to be a word from the dialect of the local Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal people of Yambuk enjoyed a rich and varied diet with shellfish in abundance from the sea and river estuary. The first European settles came to the area in the early 1840’s and over time they established productive grazing properties and built large stone homes to replace their first wattle and duab shelters.

    The tranquil Yambuk Lake is an ideal place to catch a fish, watch the bird life, take a beach walk or have a family picnic.

  • Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

    Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, Lake View Road, Tower Hill VIC, Australia .

    Tower Hill is home to some of Australia's best loved wildlife. Emus, kangaroos, koalas, swans, ducks and blue wrens all live inside this magnificent dormant volcano near the Great Ocean Road. Walk across wetlands, craters and bushland and learn how the park was exploited by early settlers before being restored by volunteers.

    Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve sits in a large volcanic crater. It is one of Victoria's most fascinating and significant geological formations. Volcanic cone-shaped hills rise from the lakes. It's a short detour from the Great Ocean Road and offers ample walking opportunities for people of all abilities – from easy boardwalks to scenic climbs.

  • Budj Bim National Park

    Budj Bim National Park, Mount Eccles Road, MacArthur VIC, Australia .

    Discover the rich cultural heritage of Budj Bim and the natural wonders of this ancient, volcanic landscape. Budj Bim National Park visitor area is home to a tranquil crater lake, lava canals and caves in a lush bushland setting. Enjoy a picnic, camp and walk among Manna Gums teeming with native wildlife.

    A truly fascinating place, Budj Bim is one of several places in this area’s rich cultural landscape formed by powerful ancestral creation forces. Many visitors return to explore and relax in the tranquil surrounds. The wider Budj Bim Heritage Landscape dates back thousands of years and shows evidence of large, settled communities systematically farming and smoking eels for food and trade. The Heritage Landscape area is considered one of Victoria’s earliest and largest Indigenous aquaculture ventures, and has recently been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List recognised solely for its Aboriginal cultural values.

    Budj Bim Campground is set among lava rock and tall, twisted Manna Gum trees. These are a favourite food source for koalas, so look up!

    Explore the dramatic volcanic features of Budj Bim on foot. Walk through the lava flow canals, stroll around the crater's rim or follow the lake shoreline below. See the rocky walls, lava caves and canals on the four walking options and learn about the natural wonder of the creation forces.


    Logans Beach Whale Nursery, Victoria, Australia .

    From May to September, our winter is a whale’s summer, and the giants of the deep journey from the Antarctic for their annual babymoon, breeding, birthing and raising their calves in our backyard. Along the Whale Trail through Warrnambool, Port Fairy and Portland, also known as the ‘whale corridor’, you’ll spot Southern Right, Humpback, Blue and the occasional Orca. Here is all you need to know before you jump in the car for this must-do winter road trip.